A new, secure home in Denmark for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian Help Hub is a volunteer-run project that provides free, safe transport to Ukrainian families to help them find secure, temporary homes in Denmark.



Thank you all!!
When the refugees situation stopped in July 2022 Ukrainianhelphub stopped sponsoring buses to
the Polen/Ukrain border. There was no further need for this help at that moment (and hopefully
never again).
All You guys who chose to sent a small amount of money, helped os to evacuate more than 5000!!
Ukrainian citizens to safety in Denmark. 250.000$ were sponsored by you!!
AGAIN the most humble thanks to you all.
But this NGO doesn´t stop helping!! We are dedicated to help Ukraine and it´s population untill
they have won the war!
Therefore Ukrainianhelphup joined up with the strong Danish NGO https://acttinternational.com

Now our common organisation are trying to help out Ukraine in a lot of different matters.

  • Transporting aid, medicin, food and military equipment to Ukraine
  • Evacuating wounded soldiers from Ukraine to Danish hospitals
  • Establishing contacts with suppliers to Ukraine Aid
  • Establishing friendship cities for future organization
  • Reconstruction of homes for disabled children
  • Working out how to be part of the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war
  • Transporting medicin/food for pets which is left behind, and struggling in the streets

We have weekly transports with tons of Aid to Lviv, Dnipro, Karkow, and is still working us
stronger and longer into the country. We try to arrive whereever the aid is needed
Together we are stronger!
Please dont stop helping us. Please follow the link to our common foundation on

Why should you seek refuge in Denmark?

The Danish government is ready to resettle over 100,000 Ukrainians

Refugees will be settled in Danish government-owned buildings (similar to общежитиям but in better living conditions). Here, Ukrainians can stay together and live as a community—a system that will offer refugees more emotional support.

In addition to housing, the Danish government is also providing free food and high-quality health care. Each adult will also receive a monthly allowance of around $800. This program will run for at least two years and may be extended.

How it works: Take a free bus from Poland to Denmark

Ukrainian Help Hub offers Ukrainian refugees free, safe transportation from Poland to Denmark


We are chartering free buses from Poland to Denmark every week. Here’s how it works:

Where can I find the next bus? Danish volunteers charter a bus and pick you up at Hala Kijowska on the Ukrainian/Polish border. They can also pick you up in Krakow.

When is the next scheduled bus leaving Poland? The next bus is on May 14.


How do I register for a bus? Register for the bus here.


How many people can go on each bus? The bus takes 49-72 people.

How long does the trip take? The bus ride is about 15 - 17 hours to get to Denmark.

Who will be on the bus to help me? Each bus has a Ukrainian/Russian/English interpreter and a nurse on the bus. Sometimes security volunteers (e.g., a soldier) will also be on board.

Will there be food and water? Yes, we will have free food and water.

Where will the bus stop in Denmark? The bus will take you to a transit center in Bov Municipality on the Danish border. 

Who can I contact if I have questions? [email protected]

What happens if my final destination is not Denmark? According to Danish law, all refugees who do not have a final destination in Denmark will stay at the transit center for 3-4 days. During that time the authorities will process their paperwork and determine their final destination. The transit center is similar to a simple motel/hostel. It has private rooms with bathrooms. Food and medical assistance are provided. 

What type of housing and support will I receive in Denmark? The government housing is nice, clean, and organized. It has a kitchen for you to cook food. See pictures of one of the facilities. Each adult will be given a monthly cash allowance equivalent to $800 US dollars in local currency. Children will be able to attend schools and daycares.

The next bus is on May 14. 

Register for the bus here.

Are you ready to help?

Would you be willing to help us get 10,000 refugees to Denmark?

When you donate $7,350 you can sponsor an entire bus - 49 people will get to safety because of you!

When you donate $600 you sponsor a family of 4 - mother, grandma, and 2 kids.

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